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How we built our Sweat Lodge

Many thanks to all the people that contributed to the birth of the wonderful sweat lodge!

For pleasure, for memories, or explanations... here is a short reportage :)

Preparing the ground is what took us the most time because the site is on a slope, so we had to make a flat for the space of the hut and for the space of the fire. The door is in the East, as well as the hearth of the Fire. In the alignment is just after a Guardian tree


The ground is ready, remains to remove the last roots and stones for more comfort.
Hazelwood poles and blankets wait patiently.

Installation of the poles and securing to the ground! 22 poles for the structure of this hut. 22 is a master number with a very strong symbolism. The central cross is made with 6 poles (in numerology 6 is the symbol of Love). This leaves 4 poles per quarter circle, ie 4 poles for each of the 4 Directions. Magic!

Beginning of the assembly of the structure of the hut, starting with the central East-West corridor.

We tie the poles with natural thread, making knots that do not cross to let the energy flow... Under the watchful eye of the caretaker of the place :)

This is the most delicate moment, when you give the pole its shape, by bending it without breaking it. Gently, listening to the wood work, talking to it...

Creation of the door

And then consolidation with horizontal poles

Making the altar of the hut in the shape of a turtle, which is itself the symbol of the hut.

Magnificent altar finished and decorated, which will be used to deposit offerings and the jewels and sacred objects of the participants

Preparation of the fire of the hut by the Keeper of the Fire

Blessing with Tobacco for the Spirit of Fire who will accompany us during the ceremony

Poses of grandmothers with the intentions of each one. The stones are called Grandmothers in reference to the wisdom they accumulate during their lifetime and which they pass on to us during the ceremony of the Lodge.

The fire is lit, the stones are heating up... it's becoming clearer!

Dressing the hut with blankets. The more covers, the better! They keep the heat inside and give us the darkness we need to go inside ourselves.

It's ready... the stones rise in temperature. Time to get changed to get ready to enter the Sweat Lodge!!

Looking forward to welcoming you for a next Sweat Lodge :) voir la page Agenda  
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